Antoni Porowski Reveals the “Key to a Really Good Relationship is…”

“Relationships were forged, relationships changed, and they were broken [in the pandemic],” says Let’s Do Dinner cookbook author and Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski in a recent interview with People. The 32-year old celebrity opened up about how his relationship with brand strategy director Kevin Harrington ‘escalated quickly’ and became stronger during the pandemic.


Porowski and Harrington were first seen together at various events in late 2019. Before the lockdown began, the two were spotted attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party and Bette Midler’s Hulaween, among other events.

When COVID hit, Porowski was in Austin, filming Queer Eye and Harrington was visiting him from New York. What was supposed to be a four-day trip for Harrington ended up being extended.


Porowski recalled: “It came to a shutdown in New York — there was no toilet paper — and we decided to stay in Austin and fostered a dog.” Just a day before the city was shut down, Porowski and Harrington went to a shelter and went home with Neon, pitbull beagle mix.

“We went from being in a relationship and each having our own apartments and not having a dog, to living in the same place with a dog.”


He adds: “It escalated quickly. But I don’t have any complaints, which is kind of nice.”

Being a culinary expert, Porowski, knows plenty about whipping up mouthwatering dishes. But he can share a thing or two about being in a relationship, too.

On the secret to a healthy relationship, Porowski shares: “When something is stable and really good — and you communicate a lot, and you check in with each other and with your own therapist about it — I feel like that’s kind of the key.”


In an interview with Glamour UK in 2021, Porowski admitted that being vulnerable used to be a challenge for him.

“I had this recurring thing of always needing everybody to love me, always wanting to please everybody and not being necessarily honest about my feelings, whether it was in relationships or friendships, because I just wanted to be agreeable.”


He says he’s been learning to be more open to Harrington, which proves helpful for their relationship. “Now with my boyfriend I can say, ‘Hey, I’m having a sh*t day. I don’t want you to do anything about it, but I’m just letting you know that I’m going through it,’” he shares.

Source:  Glamour UK  

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