Antonio Biaggi Called Out Billie Eilish As ‘Homeless In Chanel’

Antonio Biaggi (image via Instagram)

Pop culture fashionistas are spending their Monday recapping the style show that was the Oscars’ red carpet.

Most of the ‘experts’ try to be upbeat but often deliver a few zingers about this dress or that suit, which, let’s face it, can be funny.

But someone sent me a link to some social media posts by porn star Antonio Biaggi, and I can tell you, this ain’t your mama’s fashion round-up.

In a video posted to Twitter, Biaggi goes on an f-bomb filled rant about the fashion parade and he definitely doesn’t hold back.

“Ok, I haven’t seen the Oscars in years, like ten years, almost since Joan Rivers – I miss Joan Rivers,” begins Biaggi before adding, “What the f*ck happened to Joan Rivers?”

Folks were all over the spectrum regarding the Joan Rivers comment with some posting their astonishment (“I have second-hand embarrassment watching this”) to agreeing with Biaggi (“That was everything, thank you”).

When a follower pointed out Rivers passed away, he shifted a bit saying, “We need to get her back from hell.” 

Continuing with the rant, he calls out E! Entertainment by name, incredulous that “they think that all the dresses are beautiful! They’re not beautiful – they’re ugly as f*ck!”

Biaggi then goes after two attendees in particular.

“Look at Billy Porter – what is that? It looks like he got his shower curtain and he went off to the Oscars,” declares the porn star. 

“I understand the whole ‘gender-fluidity’ but come on, give me a break,” he adds.

But wait – there’s more!

“And then some b*tch called ‘Billie Eilish?’ Who the f*ck is she?”

Saying he’d never heard of the ‘Bad Guy’ singer, Biaggi describes Eilish’s choice of fashion as “homeless in Chanel.”

But – to his credit – with his rant comes a rave.

“You have to dress like Regina King – that’s a beautiful, elegant woman,” announces the 41-year-old. “When you go to a red carpet, dress up nicely, mother-f*ck*rs!”

I have to admit I do agree with some of what Biaggi has to say here because King did serve up supreme deliciousness in an asymmetrical, beaded Versace gown.

And I do scratch my head a bit at some of what I see on the red carpet, but I’m clearly no fashionista on the level of Biaggi. 

In subsequent posts, he called out Sandra Oh for looking like a feather duster; Timothée Chalamet was deemed a ‘serial killer;’  and Blacc Chyna scored ‘piñata’ status.

But Charlize Theron and Zazie Beetz got deservedly high marks from the adult performer.

He eventually posted his Best and Worst Dressed choices in subsequent tweets.

Everyone gets to have their opinion, folks, and we celebrate that.

In a follow-up post on Instagram, Biaggi claimed that right and added, “if you don’t like it, don’t follow me.”

And speaking of opinions, we want to know yours – who do you think showed up ready to slay on this year’s red carpet at the Academy Awards?

10 thoughts on “Antonio Biaggi Called Out Billie Eilish As ‘Homeless In Chanel’”

  1. he is right about them both. he is right about the E panel and “all is beautiful”….he is right that at the oscars dress up….. i do think he dumb though about where is Joan… may she RIP!

  2. He has an opinion like everyone else in the world. But there no need to be cruel . There is enough of it going around . Lets no perpetrate it by being nasty.

  3. This is y I stay alone pple. are so hate full toward each other really dnt no y we all have to be so hard on each other jus live ur lifes man ull all be better off

  4. This guy Antonio is a dumbfuck. He dresses like a homeless drag queen and she is making fashion criticism, bitch please. Joan Rivers has been dead for years hoe, stop smoking meth. Go back to getting fisted and shut your damn mouth girl. Know your place, a.k.a the gutter!

  5. I pretty much agree with his opinions on the dresses. Billy Porter just looked tacky and the red “lasagna” dress he pointed out reminded me of someone who took the ruffles off a curtain bar and placed it on 2 sides of a dress. And he’s right about Billie Eilish: everytime I’ve seen her, it looks like she’s wearing men’s pajamas, a very ugly look. And not everyone follows Eilish’s type of music. I personally don’t care for it at all. Just because the Grammys are honoring new music and new artists does not mean it’s well-crafted music, by any means. Just look at all the awards given for rap artists, which to me isn’t music at all, just monotone poetry.

  6. He didn’t know Joan Rivers was dead?!? Or who Billie Eilish is?!? (Even after just she became only the 2nd person ever to win the top 4 Grammys in a single year two weeks before)?!? I know fashion commentary isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but really – what planet does this guy live on? lol

    • he’s too busy being a cum slut pig fucker to pay attention to what’s going on in the world; when his face is buried in some random’s ass………

  7. Bullshit you don’t know who Billie Eilish is. Everyone with a pulse knows who she is. Good job using her name for clout, though. You’re so cute! 😘


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