Antoni’s Stretching in Underwear Again

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski (via Instagram)

Antoni Porowski stripped down to his underwear again and he’s showing the proof on social media.

The chef and reality tv star has appeared in an underwear campaign before, and we’re glad to see him doing it yet again. This time, for Tom Ford.


As Porowski shared in a statement about the brand’s new collection:

“Tom Ford’s new underwear collection at Neiman Marcus is all about confidence. Feeling confident is something that is really important to me, and I think that starts with feeling comfortable in your own skin. The entire underwear collection is both beautifully designed and functional, which is perfect for me being that I’m constantly on the move or in the kitchen. I’m a classic white brief guy, but admittedly my personal favorite from this collection is the Zebra Silk.”

Porowski and the Neiman Marcus store were then very happy to share pictures of the campaign with us. And, we were happy to receive them.



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  1. Do this guy even have a penis? The headline about him stretching in his underwear… he’s definitely not stretching out the underwear. Keep your pants on (show the rest of your hot face and body) — no need to disappoint us in undies.


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