Are Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins Dating?

Image via Instagram @andrewrannells

Are Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins together? It sure looks like it.

Actors Rannells and Watkins have dropped some pretty hint-heavy pictures on social media that leave very little to the imagination. Watkins released a picture of himself being hugged from behind by Rannells with the caption, “It’s hard to hide @andrewrannells. He’s 6’2” and shines brightly.”


As for Rannells, he shared a picture of the two in a pool with the simple caption, “Sunday.”


Both posts got fans on social media squealing with love and support at the idea of the two being a romantic item.

“Wow…..I thought that the latest series of insta pics might be leading to this,” wrote one fan on Watkins’ post.

“*shaking you both* TELL ME ARE YALL DATING IM DYING OVER HERE,” wrote another.


Rannels, 41, and Watkins, 53, played boyfriends Hank and Larry in the Broadway production of Boys in the Band, and it seems that onstage flirtation might have evolved into a real one. But that won’t be the last time the two will work together. They are both expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming Netflix adaption of Boys in the Band.

In addition, Deadline reports that the two have signed on for the Showtime show Black Monday.

An as writes, “Watkins has booked a guest arc as a Republican congressman alongside Rannells in the series-regular role of Blair Pfaff; Black Monday follows the aftermath of the 1987 stock market crash. A second-season start date will be announced soon.”

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2 thoughts on “Are Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins Dating?”

  1. I saw a lot of pics in Tucks Instagram with his kids without Randal , so I wasn’t sure if they were together: so sry for ure experience.

  2. Probably

    I saw them the day of the ‘lemonade stand’ photo while riding my bike. I recognized him while they were putting everything away. Rannels was very very rude when i asked to take a pic of he and I and I’m talking Like almost a ‘meangirl’ rude.

    Also many years ago i met Tuc (pride 04?)and he was also Rude.

    I’ve met many BIG celebrities in my life and these two were the only rude ones of all of then.

    They deserve eachother.

    Im still a Tuc fan though.


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