Are Gay Men Funny? Why Are There No Famous Gay Male Comedians?

"Are Gay Men Funny?"  Well of course we are!  We're the Guncles (gay uncles). We're the life of the party.  We are the fun people at work.  We are always having fun, laughing and … Okay, not all of that is true.  We all know some sticks in the mud, banal, energy draining, too serious fellow gays. 

But there's a good handful of us that are trying to make funny our living. For example

Gay Latino Comedian Julio Torres Joins 'SNL' Writing Staff

Gay Comedian Matteo Lane Takes On 'Late Night w/ Seth Meyers'

'Gay of Thrones' Fan? Creator Gives Us 'Gay Of Everything.'

There's three good examples of gay men being funny, right?  Well, maybe. 

The peeps over at AsapTHOUGHT ask the question, "Why are there no famous gay male comedians?"  Here are their thoughts.




We are doing our best to make Michael Henry a household name, but there has to be a super popular gay male comedian, no? 

Are we overlooking someone very obvious and famous?  If Asap is looking for someone of the caliber of Eddie Murphy , Louis CK, a comedian that could hold the role of lead actor in a movie or television show, do we have someone?  I would throw Alex Mapa into the ring, but is he famous enough for AsapTHOUGHT consideration?

Who is the most famous gay male comedian you know?

Are they overlooking someone obvious?

Why are our gay male comedians not as popular as others?


h/t:  AsapTHOUGHT

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