Are Gender Reveal Parties Offensive?

Are Gender Reveal Parties Offensive?

Social Media Calls For Elimination!

Alright, I love social media just as much as the next person. Hell, if it wasn't for social media…I'd be out of the greatest job I've ever had! Thinking about it, sheeeessshh, I could even still be an naive virgin by now if I didn't seemingly gain confidence through AOL chat rooms! I'm incredibly happy that anyone – myself included – can sprout their opinion on any topic known to man. Those of us who have felt as voiceless as The Little Mermaid now have a tool we use to proclaim what we believe. With the power of our souls literally being at our fingertips may come with backlash. Which brings me to our next story.

Recently, Buzzfeed posted an article shaming Gender Reveal parties with a variety of tweets in an effort to not give a genuine opinion, but instead boast blurbs that passive aggressively state the Contributor's true nature. As an flamboyant, openly gay man and active ally to the Transgender community, I couldn't have been more offended by the article's downright savage treatment towards the parties in question. Don't we all have a special woman in our lives? Not our mothers or other close relatives; but our best female friend. Should we be shaming her once she decides to have a Gender Reveal party to announce a special addition to her blossoming family? I didn't even know there was a stigma against said parties. Why wouldn't you want an excuse to gather your friends around, get attention, and create an adorable video that could go viral on platforms?

Of course, gender is not everything that matters regarding a child coming into the world: Healthy should be the first on that list. However, why are we worried about offending someone by asking the gender of their child or even having a reveal party? It's not as if we are shoving a gender norm into their faces. I'm absolutely not a Doctor, but I'm willing to bet children aren't too worried of their own gender than they are wanting to play with toys and learn to grow. I believe we should definitely celebrate the gender of a child and nurture them with love. If the child feels of their gender otherwise during their life; let's continue to shower them with love. I'm entirely excited to witness my friends have Gender Reveal parties as their legacy lives on. 

Are you offended by Gender Reveal parties?

What do you think?