Are OnlyFans Members Dateable?

Are OnlyFans Members Dateable?

Would You Date Someone Sending Graphic Videos For Money?

Yikes! Okay, I’m very familiar that those within the LGBTQ community don’t seem to care too much about their partners having previously been a sex worker, pornographic actor, or a web cam model. We did just tell you Russell Tovey’s fiancée has a past in gay porn. This isn’t the first time a (gay) Celebrity has dated someone who we can Google the nooks and crannies of. It’s fact that notorious, shamed, controversial Director, Bryan Singer, and Fashion Icon, Marc Jacobs, have been swooned by porn stars. Nevertheless, when said pornographic actors linked up with these Celebrities, it’s always been a part of their past. In the age of social media, is dating someone with a pornographic present or even someone who sells personal, nude videos and photographs on various websites, such as OnlyFans, worthy of our hearts?

Let me break this down for you. Trust me, I have a long past of flings and quasi-relationships in my youth. One of them, for a few months, was with a former – possibly current – Puerto Rican porn star. I was a (legal) teenager at the time and not certain where my mind was. Don’t judge me! But, that being said: I don’t judge anyone in the sex industry. However you get your money – get it. Seriously! But, now as I’m in my wake of mature dating, I will often come across a cute guy on a dating application or the like and we will eventually exchange social media profiles to you know, get more acquainted with the fact we aren’t being cat fished. Then, that’s where it appears: The OnlyFans link in his Instagram.

If you aren’t familiar with OnlyFans, let me school you. According to the company’s Twitter, they describe themselves as:

“Social media for you and your #fans. Set a monthly subscription price and get paid for your content!”

Hmm, right. So, basically, what a lot of people – or gay men – use OnlyFans for is to show off their assets on and get paid for it. Essentially, these guys are sharing nude photographs, self-pleasing videos, and sometimes videos of them having sex with one another. The twist is, they require you to pay for this content. Which, in short, if one person pays for it – they upload them to X-rated websites like Pornhub. I’ve tested this with many Instagram names attached to OnlyFans accounts and it has worked without fail. Do the creators of the videos know this? Probably not. Long gone are the days of web cam models – potentially – instead you can get quick money or your rent paid by spreading eagle at home on your bed. Anyone can have an OnlyFans account. But, the content tends to be more sexual than they’d like to admit.

At this stage in my life, approaching my late 20s, I’m going to have to aim at a strict no to dating anyone with an OnlyFans account. I mean, that’s not to say I wouldn’t go on a date with one – and even have a hook up – but I’d be terrified being caught on their camera to be sold throughout the internet. I’m not saying all of these people aren’t relationship material, but I cannot fathom having to deal with the jealousy of someone currently showing off their goods – on any type of social media – for money or even worse, likes.

Would you pursue a relationship with someone who had an OnlyFans account?

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3 thoughts on “Are OnlyFans Members Dateable?”

  1. There is a russian version of this page “LetFan” and in the description of the page, It says that the site is also for dating. We assume that the creators are single and avaible for dating If the fan ask for it.

    Yes, we can confirm that Onlyfans is also a site for dating like Tinder.

  2. In answer to your question, yes, if the opportunity presented itself I would date someone who was on OnlyFans. I don’t see the problem.

  3. I highly doubt most OnlyFans

    I highly doubt most OnlyFans performers would ever date regular men. Given that they work for their looks they obviously want to attract other men just like them and they can get that because looks or muscle give access to statistically more attractive people than most of us may dream of being with but hard to get in real life.


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