Are The Ladies Of “Sex and the City” Returning For One More Round of Cosmopolitans?

Could Carrie Bradshaw and company be returning for another round of lessons on love, friendship and (of course) sex? During a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she would “like to see where all of them are,” when asked about the famed ladies she shared the screen with on the groundbreaking series Sex and the City



Seeing how the quartet could navigate in the world of social media and online dating seems to be one of the most intriguing perspectives to Parker. “I’m curious, the world has changed even since the movie. I mean, the world has changed so much, technology and social media. They never — which is maybe a virtue too because I would have complicated things even more — so those characters never talked about social media, which I think would be really interesting and just also sexual politics and the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up has really steered conversations about sexual politics, and I think Carrie Bradshaw would just be so greedy to share her feelings and thoughts.”

Fans have been yearning for one final film from the famed foursome, after the controversial and much publicized departure of Kim Cattrall in September of 2017 seemed to dash our romanticized hopes of seeing the ladies on screen together ever again. It seems like Parker though, has a slightly different idea on how to reunite the remaining cast. “I think to do some episodes of Sex and the City” she says. “I wouldn’t call it a reboot, I would call it a revisit.”


While Cattrall’s departure does leave the quarter without a signature member, I may have the perfect new girlfriend to introduce; the multi-talented Vanessa Williams. With guest spots on The Talk, a season of VH1’s The Lunch Hour, and several seasons on Desperate Housewives, Williams has being part of a strong female ensemble down pat. We also know she can play “strong diva’ after her divine portrayal of Wilhelmina Slater on the (sorely missed) Ugly Betty. Seeing Williams (as a brand new character) mixing it up with the Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie could provide the franchise with the jolt it could use for a “revisit” and the social awareness many have asked for from the series.

Dust off the Manolo Blahnik’s’ kids; the ladies look almost ready to bring the Sex back to the City


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Photo of Vanessa Williams Courtesy of Vanessa Williams (Facebook) 



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