Are There No Happy Gay People? Gay Twitter Says There Is!

Images via Twitter @The_DogWalker, @odhranallen, @heatherpeace, @Laurenpett20.

Love in the face of opposition and erasure? We love to see it!

Former Irish journalist Gemma O’Doherty started trending after a video of her saying that gay people are unhappy found its way online. At least, she thinks so because she “doesn’t know any.”

Specifically, the video of O’Doherty, who’s known for spreading conspiracy theories, was posted online through a Twitter account named @aciquestion. In July of 2020, O’Doherty was banned from Twitter after repeatedly violating the social media platform’s policies. That’s after being banned on YouTube in 2019 when she posted racist comments about minorities in Ireland.

But again, O’Doherty found her way back on Twitter after @aciquestion posted the video. In it, O’Doherty lamented, “I don’t see anyone or know anyone who is gay who is happy. I just don’t. It’s a miserable lifestyle. It’s a promiscuous lifestyle. It’s a dark lifestyle.”

That tweet then went viral, as Gay people from across Ireland and the UK responded. They responded by sharing their own pictures and comments about living happy lives. Many of these posts include shots of gay couples and their families.

We, of course, have collected some of our favorites. You can check them out below.

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