Are These Really the Best Gay Love Scenes in Hollywood History?

Let the Pride-Month festivities continue! Here’s a particularly sexy way to celebrate: Gay Fleshbot has ranked the “Ten Hottest Gay Scenes in Hollywood History.” Brokeback is accounted for, so is Call Me By Your Name… some of the picks here may surprise you, though. 

The list is more than worth sharing, and I think these are all terrific big-screen sex scenes. But as to whether it lives up to its title… 

First of all, not all of these are Hollywood movies. The number one pick is a French film (and It’s also a damn great movie, in case you haven’t seen it). Also, sorry to burst your-erm–bubble, but the sex scenes were filmed with body doubles. 

There are other picks that aren’t from Hollywood, too. Kill Your Darlings is a British production, and several of these picks are American independents–so technically, still not Hollywood.  Not to sound too geeky, but, hey. 

To see the full list–and it is worth seeing–head over to Fleshbot. The link is very NSFW. What are your picks for the hottest gay scenes in movies of all time? Let us know in the comments. 

What do you think?