Are These The 16 Most Talked About Moments Of 2016?

Our instinct friend Noah Wilson of NoahPOPTV has shared with us his top 16 things from the year 2016. 

We've shared some of Noah's works before with you in the past from Charlie Carver Helps Us Pick Out The Perfect Halloween Costume with Noah Wilson as well as Chris Salvatore Talks 'My Neighbor Norma' & UPTV's 'Girlfriends of Christmas Past'  We were very jealous of his time with these two great up and coming stars. We hope they and Noah are around for a long time.

But what about Noah's list? Before viewing the list, I asked him what assisted him in making the list.  His response was, " It all came from the brain!" 

We've grown to love what Noah has shared with us.  Let's see if his "16 Most Talked About Moments! – The 2016 Year in Review" is something that we agree with. 




What I noticed from Noah's list is that it is very social media driven, but that is who we are.  We are so plugged in to our favorite devices, uploading, twatting, chat snapping, and instant grammering. Yes, I know that is all wrong, so it's good to have Noah keep us up on what is in.

Do you agree with Noah's list?

What "Most Talked About" moment is missing from his list?

Thanks again Noah and NoahPOPTV

What do you think?