Are These Two Queer Eye Stars Dating?

'Queer Eye' stars Jonathan Van Ness & Antoni Porowski
‘Queer Eye’ stars Jonathan Van Ness & Antoni Porowski (via Instagram)

Fans of the Netflix ‘make better’ series, Queer Eye, had a social media meltdown when two of the show’s stars, avocado-loving foodie Antoni Porowski and mustachioed grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness, posted a photo on Antoni’s Instagram account of the two just about to engage in a hot and heavy make-out session.

Accompanying the photo was the caption, “I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe,” complete with heart emoji.



Over 700,000 fans ‘liked’ the post and 1,100+ commented with an array of rainbow and heart emojis.


One fan offered to be the flower girl at the boys’ wedding.

Another penned a voyeuristic, “I would watch.”

Some commenters, though, warned that if the July 4 announcement was not on the up-and-up, they would be done with the duo.

Wrote one fan, “If this is fake, I’m literally never French tucking again.”



Today, Van Ness fessed up, taking to HIS Instagram to calm fans down, saying, “It was all Antoni’s idea [pride flag emoji], but maybe someday we will fall in love.”

He added a hashtag that read, “not a couple but it was fun right”


Fellow Queer Eye cast mate, Bobby Berk commented, “How much do I have to beg you to keep the jvntoni account up and running just for the content?”

Berk added, “Made the news and everything – that’s when you know you’re ICONS!”

In truth, it appears this is how the two jokers spent their July 4th holidays:


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