Are we James Franco-ed out?

Here comes James Franco doing something semi gay or homo-erotic again.  I am not sure if I am all alone on this, but I think I am kind of done with James Franco and his attempts at getting attention from the gay community.  I think the last time I liked him was in Spiderman as Harry Osborn, simple, acting, and clothed.



I prefer to remember James Franco doing what actors do best, act.  He looks good being normal, smiling, interacting.  Sometimes I feel these staged photo shoots of him in bed with another man and now the most recent pics of him nude with Seth Rogen recently released on Instagram are more sad news instead of entertaining or newsworthy. For pics of James and Seth, you can go here.  



As I said, I prefer James Franco as just James Franco.  Someone who is not trying too hard to get our attention or confuse the masses about his sexuality or art.  If you are like me, you'll enjoy these older pics more than his more recent fleshy ones.

What do you think?