Are we James Franco-ed out?

Here comes James Franco doing something semi gay or homo-erotic again.  I am not sure if I am all alone on this, but I think I am kind of done with James Franco and his attempts at getting attention from the gay community.  I think the last time I liked him was in Spiderman as Harry Osborn, simple, acting, and clothed.



I prefer to remember James Franco doing what actors do best, act.  He looks good being normal, smiling, interacting.  Sometimes I feel these staged photo shoots of him in bed with another man and now the most recent pics of him nude with Seth Rogen recently released on Instagram are more sad news instead of entertaining or newsworthy. For pics of James and Seth, you can go here.  



As I said, I prefer James Franco as just James Franco.  Someone who is not trying too hard to get our attention or confuse the masses about his sexuality or art.  If you are like me, you'll enjoy these older pics more than his more recent fleshy ones.

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  1. Three words for you: get over

    Three words for you: get over it. James Franco is daring to start the dialogue on the fluidity of human sexuality, and our preconceived notions about all facets of the sexual experience. I recently viewed Interior: Leather Bar, and I can see why you, and many other gay men are tired of Franco. But who says gay men are the only people allowed to discuss homosexuality or homo-eroticism? I found his movie to be funny, smart, audacious and thought-provoking, no matter which side of the fence your opinion falls on. Isn't that what true filmmaking should do?This commentary almost borders on the hetero-sexist. If anything, I'd like to see (visually and conceputally) the focus transition from gay white men to gay men of all cultures. And what's wrong with having an ally in Franco, anyway? The Franco/Rogen thing was a joke – I mean seriously. Nobody had a problem with the myopic gay world of Will and Grace, but this you latch onto as a grievance? Instead, I look to the day when straight folk can portray us so often and so casually, folks look at those pics and say, "Oh there goes Franco, getting all metrosexual on us!"



  2. I don’t think that Franco

    I don't think that Franco should go without his shirt..He's too pale and not muscular at all…He looks better with his clothes on…

  3. I get what your saying like
    I get what your saying like seth rogers gets away with it. And maybe james franco would but then we never knew him as that guy before but maybe hes tring to tell us something and sometimes we all have a good change in our character but i agree because he did look and act so much better before. Its as if he aint real any more but i say let him be maybe he is still searching for who he is or what he wants let him find his way or if not let him be who he wants to be. It dont seem like hes harming anyone and as long as hes happy whats the big deal really

    • I just have to say there is
      I just have to say there is nothing wrong with being gay though my brothers gay and such a loveable caring lad why should someones sexuality change you perspectus on someone just show appearance can change alot of things but why even judge someone on there appearance can they not just be happy with who and how they are #fuckthehaters

  4. I love freaky James. I love

    I love freaky James. I love that he is not vanilla, not cookie cutter. Is intellectual and a real talent. Very few unique folks out there. If you like em dull – you have plenty to choose from. I enjoy a person of substance.

  5. I’m tired of headlines
    I’m tired of headlines claiming some person is nude and the showing a shirtless pic. I barely click on them anymore just for that reason, I almost didn’t click this, but thought I’d give it one more chance. No more, Instinct, no more will I play the naive reader who will follow your sensationalized headlines into a stupid story filled with broken promises and whiney gay “journalism”.

  6. Let him be, he’s having Fun &

    Let him be, he's having Fun & Doesn't mean he wants to entice you… It's Not always about you.. alright!  It's excellent I think that anyone can just be sexual!  Have a Freakin' open mind!!!  It's you who thinks Gay Guys can only play on this sexual alluring what the Hell ever!  Embrace the 21st Century….James Franco is one cool Dude!!!!

    • Exactly!! He is a celebrity

      Exactly!! He is a celebrity and will always be in the public view. If you don't like,…don't look. And most importantly, If you don't have anything NICE to say, Don't say anything at all. JEALOUS.

  7. I was a James Franco fan and

    I was a James Franco fan and still am, but seeing him without clothes – it's like meeting a man off the internet and you're not that into him but "he will do". His body does not necessarily see me j/o to his pics. That's just me – his face I like.

  8. I love him. I want more. He
    I love him. I want more. He is a sexy, masculine, normal man. What i’m sick of are all these twinkie little air brushed bodied boy pics that are everywhere. James is the antidote, sexy and real. THAT is perfection. As fod the gay thing…who cares? A hot pic is a hot pic. Its not like ant of us will ever have a shot with ANY male model, most of which are gay-for-pay and actively “gay-baiting” , so those negative people need to shut. Up.

  9. “I am not sure if I am all

    "I am not sure if I am all alone on this, but I think I am kind of done with James Franco and his attempts at getting attention from the gay community."

    But first, he is one last post about James to get more views!

    • Ha! I was thinking the exact

      laughHa! I was thinking the exact same thing!  Anyway, I personally think Franco is way more attractive than most of the posts I see on here (not all, but most). I am not a movie guy, so I've never even seen him act, but he's still a bit hot!


  10. Cock Teasing isn’t a sport

    Cock Teasing isn't a sport.James went places that others dared not go before all the other "straight" boys started playing there. Nudity is screened out by the mags. and blurry out of focus nude pics are what I take of myself.I want to see butt, cock and men's bodies[hopefully nude] free from censorship. I am not five years old and don't need someone else 'playing Guess what's behind the fuzzy black box?.'Cock teasing isn't and never was a fun game.  Move on.  Either show off your shit or get out of the biz……N.

  11. Adam Dupuis, I love instinct


    Adam Dupuis, I love instinct Magazine and every now and then I find myself in disagreement with a stance a writer might put out. I am a gay man from Philly and I have kept myself very up to date with the current gaybashing—> hate crime legislature —> socially acceptable norms for homosexuality in 2014…. Along with that, I have recently had to distance myself from my best friend (of 15 years) and his wife, to the point of cutting him out of my life because of his social views regarding homosexuality. He thinks they are fine, I feel they are homophobic. All of which I mention in this post to say that this is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. Our social views have a direct effect on our social behaviors and vice versa and have a direct effect on current equality legislature. James Franco is doing something that few straight men have the courage to do….  Take interest and show support; unwavering support. His methods may be quirky and a bit extreme, but he is putting his hetero aside and pursuing another type of behavior that is boundary breaking and encourages male on male appreciation and acceptance. Straight dudes love him and also Seth Rogan. If you recall Emma Watson's recent feminist speech at the UN, she called out the need for support of feminism from males if there is ever going to be a true change…. In the same way, I think that some of the most powerful voices  in support of the homosexual community are actually straight men; and James Franco's support is steadfast for us gays. He is an Ally, and cares about us and our equality. A porno might be really hot the first time or two you watch but then we get tired of it, and find another to watch. Franco is not a porno, behind the handsome exterior there is a sharp point to these actions. He is a heterosexual man that feels for our community, if we get tired of his same routine, we should appreciate him for helping to influence a path of more male-on-male acceptance from the heterosexual male community that value and appreciate him. My best friend of 15 years used to hug me; and I mean give me a real hug. Since he got married, its like their is an exercise ball between us when we hug… Perhaps a stupid example, but I think our social world have these rules that help tell straights guys on how to be and a lot of time homophobia is a deep-seeded root, or even an inadvertent back fire. James Franco goes against that and I love that. we should all love that. Thank you for your time.

    Michael Kinsch



    • Michael Kinsch, well said.

      Michael Kinsch, well said. And you were much nicer than I would have been about it. Thank you, James Franko is awesome. 

    • Thanks for the feedback and

      Thanks for the feedback and comment, Michael.  I'm happy to see that you disagree.

      As for your hugging example, have you asked your friend why the hugs are different? Put it all out there?  Start a conversation to break that tension?  After I came out to my friends and family, it seems that my father hugs me even more.  I was actually trying to recall when there were hugs from him before I came out, not that he was distant, but I guess there is a different connection now. 

      Thanks again!

      • Adam, the time for discussion

        Adam, the time for discussion with my friend has come and gone. This issue, not the hugging specifically, but snobbery for only his way has been a hot button topic between us two for years. Ever since he started getting serious with his girlfriend (now she is his wife). Anything different than him and his wife is termed "weird" and he will often use that to describe certain aspects of myself that are within the realms of my homosexuality… We grew up together, and have been through many emotional wars, always at each others' sides; until recently I at least. His wife is an ignorant, useless, idiot with blonde hair big boobs and a dowry. In this way he married beneath him… I'm not afraid of conflict as he is. The issues I have discussed here (which is seriously the briefest of overviews) have already been addressed with him and not well received. He refuses to apologize or change because he doesn't see his behavior as offensive or wrong. I am backing away from him despite our childhood. And its painful; its like losing a part of yourself. Yet I back away anyway as his flippant way of treating homosexuality as a token or a circus act, as per his wife's influence, is unacceptable in 2014. It is because of men like James Franco who, at the core of his 'weirdness' love and accept the gay community and set a standard for how the heterosexual community should see their homosexual counterparts. As equals. My experience with coming out to the majority of the people in my life is a lot like yours, and its wonderful. However the most important person for so long, my best friend, has a problem with judging me for my difference. James Franco ( who btw, my friend loves) says that's not ok. So let him be goofy and nude with other dudes. It kicks homophobia right in the nuts.        


  12. What happened to James Franco
    What happened to James Franco? he’s really let himself go.Seth Groban is actually in better shape than James Franco!

    • There will always be those

      There will always be those who refuse to get off their high horse and wont stop making a big deal out of nothing. I support TEAM FRANCO! Plus he gives us something nice to look at.


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