Are You A Gay Stereotype? And If So, Is It Such A Bad Thing?

ARE YOU A GAY STEREOTYPE???????   That's what Michael Henry is asking us while he uses like a bajillion question marks.  So gay! In his new quick clip, he meets up with one of his fellow gay friends and queens out about how they both are just the basic gayest people they can be.

Is that so wrong? I mean, stereotypes exist because some people do fit in them. Should we be ashamed that we align with one, two, or more stereotypes out there?

Let's see if Michael gives a reason to have a good laugh at ourselves with his newest flick.



That fucking laugh at the end.  Thanks Michael for another scary look into that warped mind of yours.  We love it!

Michael does get a little insightful about us perpetuating and not stopping a stereotype we find to be negative.

Is there a pile of gay stereotypes that you never want to live up to?

Are there some stereotypes you wish you did fit?




Written by: Michael Henry
Directed/DP/Edited by: Paul McGovern Jr.

1 thought on “Are You A Gay Stereotype? And If So, Is It Such A Bad Thing?”

  1. I’ve been told far too many time *you’re pretty normal for a gay guy.*. That statement makes me laugh because, well, straight guys using the word PRETTY. LOL


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