Are You Daring Enough to Try This Growing Sex Trend?

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I read about this today. Now you’re going to get educated, too. 

Body positivity is a theme that we scream to the high heavens, but part of that is being vocal and comfortable with aspects that bring our bodies pleasure. There’s a lot of exploring to do, even numerous kinks to try, and the internet has really helped people get better acquainted with body positivity and self-love. That kind of self-love. 


The Daily Mail is reporting that the new “trend” to help men reach sexual gratification is urethral sounding, also known as penis-probing. It involves, well, exactly what the names imply. Urethral sounding is when a man sticks a metal rod up their urethra, which many state feels very, very good. Almost in the same vein as gauging your ears, bigger rods can be used over time to stretch the urethra and increase your pleasure sensor. 

The Daily Mail mentions that penis-probing began in 2019 and has boomed in sales since social influencers and reality television participants have talked about it on major platforms.

However, talking around the Instinct Magazine office, to label this something new is incorrect. We’ve known about it for years. I personally remember being on XTube in the late 2000’s and seeing a video of penis probing. Wasn’t for me back then, and it’s not going to be for me now, either. 


You can find urethral sounding kits online for less than $10.00, if this is something you’re adventurous enough to try on your own or with a friend (or several friends).  

Doctors aren’t too keen on this ”new” practice, though. According to the source, doctors are concerned that urethral sounding can lead to permanent erectile issues. As well, metal rods that are not properly sterilized can lead to UTIs and other major medical conditions. 

Is this something you guys would ever try? Have you even heard of it before? Have you done it before? Comment and let me know! 

Source: The Daily Mail 

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