Are You Feeling Madonna’s New Track “Future?”

Aaand it’s another solid track for Madame X.  “Future,” the fourth track released from Madonna‘s upcoming fourteenth studio album Madame X, features a reggae beat, reflective lyrics, and an appearance by Quavo of Migos. Madge and Quavo previously collaborated on his track “Champagne Rosé” with Cardi B

In “Future”, Madonna references “Don’t Tell Me,” one of her best tracks ever. Surely you’ll spot the lyrics. 

Like the three previous Madame X tracks, “Future” lingers the more you spin it. “Medellín” is still the best of the bunch. That track is dope. So good and so unique. 

On Thursday it was announced that Madonna’s controversial performance at the Eurovision song awards in Israel — which had been marred by pro-Palestinian protests and reports of contractual issues — is, in fact, still a go on Saturday night after all.

It is rumored Madonna will perform two songs at Eurovision tonight: “Like a Prayer” and “Future.” 

Madame X will be released June 14. It’s available for pre-order on most major services like iTunes. One more track will be released before the album–that’s “Dark Ballet” on June 7.

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  1. Isn’t she rich enough? She’s not interesting anymore. I seriously doubt I’ll ever get any of her CDs ever again. It’s time to fade away. No one cares anymore!


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