Are You Ready for a ‘Kindr’ Grindr Experience?

For all the Grindr users out there…things are about to change. One of the most popular hookup/dating apps for the LGBTQ community is taking a stand on cyber discrimination. The app, which is traditionally used by gay men, has been the center of controversy for some time because of the way its users use the tool as a means to ostracize and demean other users.  Well, Grindr is brewing something with a campaign called Kindr to which they say “It’s time to play nice.”

The app just released a very cryptic site: that features the Grindr logo with the word “Kindr” and a voice over from various individuals speaking about discrimination they have encountered while on apps. The site states that changes are coming in September 2018.

One of the voices heard on the site says: When someone says something like I don’t date black people, that’s all black people, that’s what I refer to as sexual racism.

Recently, one man stated he was gathering co-plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit against Grindr because the app allows discrimination against users—primarily Asians. CEO and foundr of the Asian Entertainment Television company, Sinakhone Keodara tweeted earlier this month that he was challenging the app because too many users include phrases such as ‘no Asians’ or ‘not interested in Asians’ or ‘I don’t find Asians attractive’ in their profiles.

Just this week, conservative journalist Chadwick Moore was blocked from Grindr for using transphobic phrasing in his profile. Under gender, Moore wrote “There are only 2” and he was blocked by the app. Moore went on a Twitter tirade calling out the company for allowing many unlawful activities to occur on the app. He even Tweeted the FBI about it.

Shortly after, Grindr threw some excellent shade at Moore by putting into production a t-shirt that reads “Grindr is a Construct” with a Tweet that read “The Future if Fluid”. Was this a foreshadowing of what is to come with the app?

Are these public actions by users on both sides of the spectrum the reason for Grindr finally stepping up to re-evaluate its power to build people up or break them down?

Many have commented about how this is Grindr’s way of controlling who they can and cannot meet up with. The age-old question about preference vs. discrimination that dominates the LGBTQ dating community.


*sound on* It’s time to play nice. Dropping September 2018.

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So what do ya’ll think about this?

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6 thoughts on “Are You Ready for a ‘Kindr’ Grindr Experience?”

  1. Goes to show what a bunch of

    Goes to show what a bunch of unthinking retards gay people are.  Is the education system really failing this spectacularly?  Yes.  Yes it is.

    If you stop people from being up front then they're just going to be indirect.  Get told not into your race or get ignored.  It's your pick.  But you're astoundingly, embarrassingly, unmitigatedly stupid if you actually think you're going to improve your sexual outlook.

  2. Let’s agree to disagree. Then

    Let's agree to disagree. Then block if it's not what your looking for. Or don't repond back. Simple.

  3. Lol so stupid. I’m Asian

    Lol so stupid. I'm Asian Vietnamese first generation and if they have a thing on their profile that says no Asian I move the F on because that speaks a lot more about them than it does me. 

    To all the r tards in simpleton terms let them have whatever they want on their profiles easier to weed out than waste your time going on a couple of days only to find out they are a racist ageist sexist discriminatory liberal sjw conservative wank gun control happy next shooting mass murderer white nazi Muslim terrorist dckbag

    the app is meant for you to meet people you like if they have a preference of no Asian move on. 

    Be nice to each other and respect each other preferences and life styles don't shove it down someone's throats oh I'm Asian why you say you no like. 

    I don't want to datebook blacks and that will be on my profile. I grew up in a intercity neighborhood filled with blacks I know how they act and nothing you can do will change my mind. Unless you are the different black that I can mingle with my culture and your culture don't mix and I do not feel comfortable living in a situation like that as open minded as I am because I accept it and get along with all of my blacks friends from the neighborhood but how we do things in my generation is too different my kids will probably be more Americanized and be able to successfully date a black person. All of my little quirks and stipulations can successfully be covered by saying I don't date blacks because I grew up around them and know the majority of how they act and have dated 4 black woman and 2 black guys during my younger years. 

    Also if you take everything as an insult you really need to get your sht together not everything is about you and your feelings getting offended by some strangers opinion on who they will date is meaningless. Instead try and educate them be their friend and show them why they are wrong without being confrontational. 

    No one wants to do that anymore

    mr neo nazi meet Muslim terrorist meet gay soloist liberal and they all wanna kill each other instead of understand each other and respect the other for their own values and not infringing on their rights to express themselves.

    everything thinks their beliefs are right and for some reason feel the need to shove it down other people's throat. Live and let live. My owning a gun doesn't affect you and you being a flaming homo doesn't affect me. Be responsible and all is well. 

  4. don’t be a dick 

    don’t be a dick 

    you might not be racist/sizeist/ageist, but your profile makes you look like you are.

  5. Whenever white guys stop

    Whenever white guys stop saying “BBC” or “Big Black Dick”. That’s racist as fuk uf u didn’t know. I’m a strong intelligent Sexy Black Man. Not a fetish, commodity, or a searchable porn category. Respect me as such. Thanks in advance. 

  6. So you mean I can’t say who I

    So you mean I can't say who I am looking for or not looking for ? That's bullshit. I see people say no one "older" but I don't get insulted. I respect the choices of other people. Grow a pair and face the fact that not everyone wants you.


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