Are You Still Pining for Payne?

(photo: @liampayne on Instagram)

Singer/songwriter and philanthropist Liam Payne has been absent from the music industry for the last two years. However, that may change very soon as it appears the ‘Strip That Down’ performer has recently contacted singer/producer Ty Dolla Sign. This information was derived from Payne’s latest Instagram post shared on April 30, 2023.

Take a gander at the image below. But please be sure to ignore the white crocs. 

(via Instagram/@LiamPayne)

Oh, did I forget to mention that Payne is shirtless and showing off his ripped stomach and V-line in the new snap? You’re welcome for the surprise. It certainly brings new meaning if you put his other two hits ‘Get Low’ and ‘For You’ next to each other. 

Liam, age 29, is most known as 1/5 of iconic boy band One Direction. Together, they quickly became one of the bestselling boy bands of all time. After launching his solo career in the UK and fathering a child with fellow pop star Chery Cole, he’s enjoying down time with activities including soccer, horseback riding, humanitarian efforts and, of course, exercise. 

Is Liam’s body type right up your alley? Are you excited for him to potentially return to music? Comment and let me know! 


(via Instagram/@liampayne)
(image via Instagram/@LiamPayne)
(image via Instagram/@LiamPayne)

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