Are Your Pets Watching You Have Sex?

It May Be Time To Shut The Door On Your Best Friend!

I have an extremely serious and relevant question: Are your pets watching you do the nasty? I’ve seen in countless feature films, and well, in porn, too, where plenty of people push their favorite furry companion out of the room before they "land the deal." I’m no angel, for I’ve on occasion poked around on varies amateur pornographic websites where I’ve witnessed an animal embarrassingly being in the corner of a room on a dog bed or whatnot. After a recent personal experience, I cannot help but wonder: How many people allow their pets to be in the same room with them while they have sex?

Alright, since this is an LGBTQ publication; we can be frank with one another. I recently slept with someone who had an adorable puppy. After some wine and fantastic conversation, we decided to be more intimate. We headed into the bedroom and seemingly forgot to shut the door. Time passed and eventually we heard tiny wittle barks for attention. It was the puppy needing a bathroom break. Umm, yikes! Was this animal just in the room or was he watching us the entire time? I almost felt violated.

I’ve grown up with the normal domesticated animals, dogs and cats, and am very well aware that they are often in your business no matter how hard you try to distract them. Yes, I’m guilty of having to selfishly drag my overweight cat out of my bedroom during my young adult years as I was about to spend quality time with my boyfriend or whomever I pleased, pun intended? Well, I just thought that was the normal thing to do. But now, I’m finding myself encountering people who have their animals, even ones that have to remain in their cages, remain in their room at all times, no matter what vertical or horizontal activities are taking place. I was totally shocked! My former animals would’ve likely attacked the person I was intimate with thinking that I was being harmed! Is this normal?!

Are you comfortable allowing your pets to be in the same room as you while you have sex!?

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