Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ Video is Here to Dominate Pop Culture for a Few Days

The anticipated video for Ariana Grande’s single “thank u, next” is here, and it’s already turning heads. Over 765,000 people watched the live debut of the clip a few hours ago. That’s some TRL-era stuff right there.


Set to Grande’s mid-tempo ballad about resilience, the video is primarily an homage to Mean Girls. Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) appears to talk about his sexy, pushed-back hair.

The size of Pete Davidson’s d*ck is alluded to not once, but twice, including a mention in a quirky Legally Blonde homage featuring Jennifer Coolidge.

Kris Jenner appears, in a tracksuit with a circa-2004 camcorder, in a clear homage to the “You’re doing great, sweetie” meme. Troye Sivan also makes a cheeky appearance to gossip about Grande dating “some chick called Aubrey" now because she's a lesbian now, which is "f*cking sick."

Watch the “thank you, next” video below so you can be a part of the water-cooler conversation.


2 thoughts on “Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’ Video is Here to Dominate Pop Culture for a Few Days”

  1. Let me understand: she gets

    Let me understand: she gets offended when he cracks a joke on SNL; but he's fair game in a music video. 

    • We hear the comment about

      We hear the comment about Pete in here as she is stating he has a big one, which is a compliment and would be fair game, no? 

      Is this what you were talking about?

      Davidson poked fun at the split by asking musician Maggie Rogers to marry him, a proposal she declines, before saying “0-3”, seemingly referencing Grande in the count. 

      Grande, 25, appeared to hit back at the skit in a series of now-deleted tweets and retweets, calling her former beau out for “clinging” to their old romance. 

      The God Is A Woman singer wrote: “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.” Another post read: “Thank u next”.

      He was mocking her record, she was complimenting his manhood. Totally different.  But then again, maybe she's clinging a little. 


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