ARI’s Latest Single “Bad Idea” Is About To Become Her Latest Dance Floor Anthem

Ariana Grande has established herself as one of the biggest artists on dance floors today, and from “Break Free” to “No Reason To Cry”, her singles have defined her as one of the premier artists to get the boys fans clacking on dance floors from Fire Island to Mykonos. It simply would not be summer without an Ariana remix, and her single “Bad Idea” has gotten the remix treatment from one of the most prolific DJ/Remixer’s in the business right now


Eddie Martinez takes the pulsating and beat heavy original track and turns it on it’s ear, giving it a large room feel. Ms. Grande’s vocals remain front and center and very familiar, but giving the track itself a darker and heavier (and welcome) house feel. The subtle drops in the track make the perfect build-ups for dance floor boys everywhere, while the chorus amazingly is perfect in Martinez’s hands for some peak hour action. Grab your downloadable copy here:

Art Courtesy of Eddie Martinez (Facebook)

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