Armed Protester Attempts To Disrupt Drag Queen Storytime In Houston

A protester armed with a gun barged into a Houston public library this past weekend in an attempt to disrupt Drag Queen Storytime.


James ‘Doc’ Greene Sr., who was previously issued a trespass warning by the Houston Public Library for similar protests, entered the Freed-Montrose Library on Saturday at 1:45 p.m., just minutes before the monthly story time event was to begin.

When Greene refused to leave, library management called the police for help.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department told Outsmart Magazine, “A manager asked us for assistance because [Greene] was banned from the library, and would not leave when he was asked.”

“He was previously banned for filming children at the library, and has been known to cause disturbances,” she added. “Several officers had to escort him out.”


Greene, a conservative radio host for Raging Elephants Radio, was disarmed by the police, put in handcuffs, and placed in a police car. At that point, he began to complain of chest pains.

An ambulance was called and Greene was transported to a local hospital.

At some point after the police arrived, Greene began recording the incident. He posted part of the video to YouTube where you can see he questions why he was being ejected from the library.

 “How am I trespassing?” asks Greene in the video. “I want the law, I want to see the law. How many cops does it take to tell me what the law is?”


“You were given a trespass warning,” an officer responds. “They have requested you to not be on the property anymore.”

After several minutes of citing his status as a taxpayer and “member of the press,” at the 4:10 mark, Greene is shown the trespass affidavit but he disregards it.

The police then escort him out of the building where he declares for the camera, “We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children, and they are doing it with your help.”

The District Attorney declined to press charges.




Organizers of Drag Queen Storytime say protesters are nothing new for the event, which features drag queens reading to children and their parents to encourage imagination and creativity.

On January 3, Chief U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal dismissed a lawsuit by anti-LGBTQ activists who were attempting to stop the events.


In fact, Drag Queen Storytime has become so popular it was recently announced that there will be additional readings added to the schedule.

Click here for a full schedule of Drag Queen Storytimes at the Houston Public Library.

(h/t OutsmartMagazine, Houston Chronicle – Image via Facebook)

8 thoughts on “Armed Protester Attempts To Disrupt Drag Queen Storytime In Houston”

  1. OK, if I understand this

    OK, if I understand this article correctly, this human had been informed previously he was banned from this library for basically doing the same thing before. This time he was also armed. Not sure, but is there not a law about bearing arms in such places. If he wanted to protest the event, he could have done so from the edge of the property at the sidewalk (if they had one). From the article, the parents were there with the children. So, exactly how were the Queens molesting the children????? I expect he will be there next time they have another reading. Under baseball rules three strikes and he should be wearing a new wardrobe of orange. Hopefully sentenced to at least 20 years for bearing arms in a public building during a repeat crime against the LBGT+ community. So I would guess that the hate crime statues should fall into place. I say 20 years because then he and his president (by his hat, in the Facebook Photo) should be getting out of jail about the same time, if things go well.

    • The District Attorney is an

      The District Attorney is an openly lesbian Democrat, so I am sure the failure of her staff to file charges is not a reflection of insensitivity or refusal to follow the law.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure of that

        I wouldn't be so sure of that. Lesbians and Gay Men have not been known to always be supportive of one another. Just sayin'…

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