Armie Hammer Makes an Instagram Comeback after Controversies

Armie Hammer recently made a comeback on Instagram after facing a series of allegations over the past few years…

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The 37-year-old American actor posted a workout video where he can be seen lifting weights one hand at a time. On the caption of his Instagram Story, he wrote:


“Been a lot of land mines over the last couple years… finally found one that works for me #landminepress,” jokingly hinting at the numerous controversies that he has been facing.

Hammer then posted a follow-up story, thanking those people who continues to support him despite the allegations.

“All jokes aside thank you all for the love and support,” he expressed.


Aside from the stories, the ‘Call Me by Your Name’ star also shared a shirtless photo at a beach in Los Angeles. His caption reads:

“When the LA welcome committee demands you do a cold water plunge in the ocean right when you get off the plane…”

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For more context on Hammer’s allegations, multiple women have accused him of rape, emotional abuse and violence in 2021. Not to mention, there was also a controversy about him having an alleged fetish for cannibalism.

The actor finally decided to break his silence regarding the allegations, denying any criminal wrongdoing. Moreover, the Los Angeles County DA’s office also confirmed back in May that they would not be filing sexual assault charges against Hammer.


6 thoughts on “Armie Hammer Makes an Instagram Comeback after Controversies”

  1. Cannot wait to see you in upcoming projects Mr Hammer, the law decided in your favour as you initially started in 2021 that you did nothing illegal. The media stays biased to cover their own unethical behaviour, this message will probably not reach you. The injustice of printing and rehashing proven lies and muckraking will continue, but Airmail article of 4 Feb 2023 and CNN article of Sept 2022 exposing the collusion and efforts to discredit you did not go unnoticed by your supporters and the general public still concerned with distinguishing truth from media trash. Onwards and Upwards and EGBA!

  2. The accusers’ lies and inconsistencies have been exposed by Arirmail on 4 th Feb 2023 and CNN in September 2022, but media continues to persecute Armie Hammer to compensate for their own unethical biased behaviour and to get clicks. Men can be victims too, especially when LADA Office appointed theirist experienced officials to this high profile case and fou d nothing, NOTHING to charge this man with. Boys and men has a battle awaiting similar to the ones women now fight as victims of abuse. What happened to due process and the rule of law? Print evidence, testimonies and referrals from all sides, not just women who were proven to have lief and mislead with social media as judge and jury.

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  4. I love your positive spirit and quest to move forward. You have my total support of the desire for you to return to acting. You are incredibly gifted and have always created such a strong film personality. Wishing you continue success and happiness. One day at a time…….
    Hugs and love.


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