Arosa Gay Ski Week Lived Up To Its Lofty Location

Arosa Gay Ski Week is for everyone. Yes, you will love the skiing if that is your thing, but there are also 5-Star lodgings to relax in with their epic spas, après-ski parties, night parties, day and night sledding, gourmet and Michelin Star Restaurants and so much more.


All over Switzerland, you will see mountains. You’ll also think you are in the heart of them, until you take an ever-climbing train into the true Alps. We had been in Lausanne, Bern, and Zurich earlier that week and were amazed at the beauty, but now, we were headed to Arosa where our definition of being in the mountains would be shattered.

Arosa – Getting There & Enjoying The View – 

The altitude and the Alps are both breathtaking, but well worth the journey as it is some of the most picturesque scenery you will ever see. And that is what you are teased with as you first board the magnificent red train to Arosa, leaving one world for another. As the train whistles through the incline, you are amazed at every new view, every new corner, every new cliff. I’m not sure I have taken as many videos and pictures on a journey as I did while on the way to and in Arosa. 

Where To Stay –


The Alps are big and ominous (I know, geographic understatement of the century), so what better place to stay than the hotel that is at the edge of it all and has its own private rail system to the heart of the action.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel is a haven high above everyday life with 128 colorful rooms and a unique view of the Arosa 17 mountains. Each floor is highlighted by a color, my floor was blue, which was present on the doors, bathrooms, and ceilings of each room. The Tschuggen Bergoase Spa by architect Mario Botta is carved into the mountainside and offers over 5,000 square meters of outstanding spa pleasure. The Tschuggen Express, the hotel’s own mountain furnicular (railway), which takes you directly to the Tschuggenhütte and Arosa’s hiking and winter sports area. The hotel has four (4) restaurants which should be enjoyed, but we were always on the go, only able to enjoy the breakfast buffet in the AM. Inspired by the fascinating landscape around its hotels, the Tschuggen Collection has created Moving Mountains – a holistic holiday experience which aims to help you strengthen your vitality, rediscover nature and celebrate life.

Let’s Gay Ski – 


I don’t think gay skiing is a thing, but being gay and fabulous while skiing is, well, now after this weekend, the only way I think anyone should ski. Arosa Gay Ski Week is for all levels of skiers, but I will admit, the gay otters and wolves owned the slopes.

What was also fun was listening to the crowd. Of course, German and French were the predominant languages, but English was interwoven in it all. Yes, we probably stuck out like sore thumbs or had USA on our clothes somewhere, but everyone was cordial and polite and most would swap right over to English if they saw us struggling.

English was the language used during the ski competition. That’s how we comprehended that the 11 pairs of skiers would come down 1/2 way, take a shot, then continue through the slaloms, and then at the finish line, roll dice to see what their time penalty may be. 

The uber gay while skiing competition was one of many events during the week.  We also enjoyed the après-ski parties, the fetish party and the white party. For next year’s calendar and information, check out the event’s home page.



Just like when I visit cities for PRIDE, I always wonder, is this what it is always like? Is this a false sense of what it would be like living here as the gay population is usually overinflated from the norm.  I did ask many people about Arosa and they stated that it is a very positive and welcoming environment for our community, not just during ski week. 


And as of July 1, 2022, marriage equality is the law of Switzerland, passing the previous year by a 2/3 margin.

LGBTQ Visitors Are Always Welcome –

Arosa has always been a gay friendly destination. The rainbow flag flies proudly in the centre of the town all winter, not just during our gay ski week. Our guests flock together from all over the world (30 countries and counting) and of all ages. The possibilities to make new friends are endless, all in a relaxed pressure free environment. The resort boasts some of the friendliest staff around and we are more than proud of our team and the service they provide. 

Switzerland as a whole was comfortable, easy, accepting, and a place that will receive a return visit.

For more imagery of Arosa Gay Ski Week, head over to its Instagram page  or its Facebook page.




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  1. I’ve been to Aspen Gay Ski Weekend, so much fun. This one looks like a blast, so many hot gay guys, I will definitely look into going.


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