Arrest Made After 12-Year-Old Slashes Gay Couple

A 12-year-old in Liverpool was arrested after he attacked a gay couple with a knife. Image by Eric Gaillard from Reuters via The Atlantic.

Following what the Liverpool police call a homophobic attack, a 12-year-old was arrested after he yelled slurs and wounded two gay men, according to Mirror.

The two men were out for drinks in Anfield, Liverpool when they were approached by three young boys who yelled homophobic slurs at them while one boy pulled out a knife and slashed the couple just after 9:00 on Saturday. The police called this attack “appalling and unprovoked” and judging by the fact that the men were minding their own business, I would agree with this assessment. One of the men suffered a laceration across his head as well as bruising on the left side of his eye while his husband suffered a minor hand injury. Both were treated at a hospital. 


In addition to the physical wounds, the couple also suffered psychologically as they were both “incredibly shaken.” Luckily a person who witnessed this commotion called the police before the situation could escalate. One of the boys is in police custody and will be questioned by a team of detectives. 

The Liverpool Echo reported that the age of the boys ranged from twelve to fifteen, with the twelve-year-old wielding the knife. Detective Inspector Tracey Martin commented on this incident, saying “The fact that a 12-year-old is carrying a knife, and is prepared to use it, is really concerning.” The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said that he is ashamed that such an attack took place in the city and that it was carried out by three youths.  

I can’t imagine how frightening and confusing this incident must have been for the couple as nobody would expect someone as young as twelve to do something like this. What this is is a case of the miseducation and bigotry taught by their parents and peers, which is why I think it’s so important to normalize the existence of LGBTQ people.


Source: Mirror

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