Arrest Made In Key West Hate Crime. Suspect Detained In North Carolina. Can be Extradited.

There's some great news from the Key West Police Department in regard to a hate crime in that great city (Gay Couple Assaulted In Key West By Trump Supporter). Here's a report from the city's Facebook page discussing the arrest and the hate crime.


A North Carolina man wanted for a hate crime committed in Key West last week is under arrest. Brandon Ray Davis, 30, was taken into custody this morning by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office on an extraditable warrant for aggravated battery.

During the incident, which occurred on February 23rd on Duval Street, victims Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price said they were riding bicycles when they saw Davis swerving on a rented motor scooter. Seymour says he shouted to warn the scooter rider that he almost hit a car. Davis responded, according to Seymour, by shouting “you guys are a couple of fags,” and other slurs, then followed the two men.

Davis then allegedly charged Seymour with the scooter, hitting his bike. When Seymour threatened to call police, Davis allegedly told him “If you do that, I’ll cut you up.”

The victims were able to make note of the scooter license before he fled the scene.

Police were able to identify Davis, in part, through the scooter rental agency, where Davis had left a copy of his driver’s license in order to rent the vehicle. Working with North Carolina law enforcement, detectives were able obtain a photo of Davis. In a photo lineup, both the victims and another witness positively identified Davis.

Detectives obtained the extraditable warrant for a felony charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. In addition, the charge is enhanced due to the fact that Davis attacked the Key West men based upon their sexual orientation.

According to the warrant, “Probable cause exists to believe there was evidence of prejudice in Davis’s attack of Seymour…” as Davis “used explicit bias language in reference to their sexual orientation. Davis then attacked Seymour without any provocation.” – Key West Police Department Facebook


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