Artist Responds To Unsolicited Nude Pictures By Drawing Them

Would You Be Flattered If Someone Draws Your Dick?

We've got a gay, Bob Ross on our hands! A Dutch Artist is turning the unsolicited dick picture he's received from Grindr into, well, works of art!

Originally taken from our friends at Vice, the Artist even sells tote bags of his drawings.

"When one such drawing is finished, he takes a picture and sends it directly back to the owner of the penis that inspired it. His work is a lot of fun to look at, but it can also teach us something about the relationship men have with their penises. Basically – men are very attached to their penises and love whipping them to greet strangers."

Yes, you've read that correctly. The Artist sends his drawings back to the men! Check out this hilarious exchange below.

""Why are you sending my pics all over the internet?"
— "I'm not sending anything over the internet, just to you. Also, you sent your dick pic to someone before even saying 'hi' first. I'd say that you can expect someone would do something with it at some point."
[Chris was blocked by this user and he never heard from this man again]"

Maybe we should collectively start greeting one another as we would in real life. You never know how creative someone is on the other side!

You've got to check the entire album out…head over to Vice to see everything here!

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