As An LGBT Teacher, Do You Feel Safe In Your School?

I left the teaching field about 10 years ago.  Do I miss it? I miss the great kids, seeing them learn.  But I don't miss the boys and girls that parents don't take the time to raise well.  We as teachers can only do som much, lead by example, and sometimes we just hope for the best with some kids.

I was fortunate enough to not experience any backlash for being gay while teaching, until the very end of my career. With the awful stuff that happened, I knew it was time for me to be done teaching there at that school with that administration. It was all politics and it's behind me. Will the same be said for this 31-year old teacher in New York City?


A high-school student harassed and shoved a transgender teacher at his Manhattan school this week, police sources said.

The 18-year-old student approached the 31-year-old teacher at the Murry Bergtraum High School on Pearl Street on the Lower East Side on Tuesday at about 11:20 a.m. before asking, “Yo Tranny, do you have any food for me?” according to the sources. He then grabbed the teacher by the chest and pushed her, the sources said.

The student, who is on medications for schizophrenia, was taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric treatment, the sources said. He was not arrested. –


It is unknown if the student is an actual student of the teacher or if they have any scheduled interaction. 

Just two years ago, the New York Post wrote a piece about Murry Bergtraum High School titled, "Why this NYC high school has become a disaster"

What should be done in this case?  The students needs an education, but a teacher does need to feel safe within the school.

Should his schizophrenia be considered when thinking of his punishment if any?

If no punishment is handed out, what does this say to fellow students, fellow teachers?

And a question for our LGBT teachers, do you feel safe in your schools?

Your thoughts?




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