Ashley Madison Leak Puts LGBT Lives In Danger


With the release of Ashley Madison subscribers' email addresses, thousands of cheaters have been exposed.  Republicans, Duggars, and "happily" married couples.  But there are more than just hippocrites being fingered.  LGBT citizens across the world are in danger of being found out. 

People living under oppressive regimes who used the Ashley Madison adultery dating site to arrange secret liaisons could be at risk of prison or the death penalty.

The site was predominantly used by people looking to cheat on their partner, but it is thought that many single gay people used the service to avoid detection by oppressive governments. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, while in Qatar – where 50 members of the site are registered – it carries a five-year prison sentence.

Sky's Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire said one Reddit user based in Saudi Arabia has even fled the country after being exposed.  He said: "Ashley Madison was sold as a way to get casual hook-ups for cheating spouses, but some users in the Middle East say they used it as a discreet way of having meetings with homosexual men who didn't want to be identified.  There are 1,200 email addresses with the Saudi Arabia suffix where homosexuals face the death penalty.  More than 50 accounts are from Qatar where homosexual relationships are punishable by five years in prison.  And there are 1,500 from Turkey where homosexuality isn't illegal but you can get kicked out of the country or banned from military services." –

When I first read that LGBT people were exposed for cheating, I thought SERVES THEM RIGHT!   But they weren't cheating.   Some may have been using it for that, but it seems many were using Ashley Madison as we use Grindr, Scruff, Growlr, etc.  These are not all partnered people, but in many nations where gay apps are banned, LGBT have turned to straight hook up / dating apps in the hopes other LGBT-ers are thinking the same.  But the leak is more than just THE Ashley Madison main website. 

Ashley Madison owns gay domains like ManCrunch and We Know Down Low, and members of both clubs are among the 37 million account holders whose sexual preferences have now been made public by this week’s hack.

Homosexuality is still illegal in roughly 75 countries, including several states in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and most of the Caribbean. Placing sensitive information about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people living in these regions therefore puts their lives at risk.

Over 50 accounts have been found from Qatar, where homosexual relations can land you five years in prison, and 1,500 accounts are from Turkey – where homosexuality can ban you from military service. –

So as some of us have cheered the Ashley Madision leak because of Duggar / Republican exposures, but there are some LGBT-ers that are now in danger across the world.  I could not imagine needing to flee your home because you belonged to a website. 

Have you used straight dating apps to find someone?

Have you been outed due to participation in a website / app?

7 thoughts on “Ashley Madison Leak Puts LGBT Lives In Danger”

  1. Judging and condemning others
    Judging and condemning others is not the solution. We need to fight against
    These laws that make homosexuality
    Illegal in 75 countries. Silence doesnt change anything. More people need to come out in those countries and fight back so those laws can be changed.
    Fucking on the DL doesnt change the lives of gays and lgbt people.

  2. There is always a risk of

    There is always a risk of using any sex website that your identity could be released. It maybe a shame that people would have their lives endangered. I wonder if they would try to hide their secret by harming other people.


  3. Big Al, you’re an idiot…

    Big Al, you're an idiot… Your comment has nothing to do with this particular article.  Try to keep up.

  4. No one forced me to create an

    No one forced me to create an Ashley Madison account. If I choose to cheat on my husband of 14 years, that is on ME, not Ashley Madison. If you're gonna play, you better be prepared to pay the price for it.


    • The article clearly states

      The article clearly states that it is NOT just cheaters, but people who are just looking for other homosexuals in countries that ban gay dating sites!


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