ASOS Employee Pleads Guilty To Installing A Camera In A Work Party Bathroom

A 28-year-old Londoner admits to recording party guests and says he’s been having one hell of a dry spell.


Dominic Hendy is a hair stylist working with the fashion retailer ASOS. When ASOS was hosting a 2,000-guest summer party at the Hawker House on July 12, Hendy decided to install a camera in the men’s bathroom, according to the Evening Standard.

More specifically, Cocktails And Cock Talk reports that a janitor discovered the camera but gave it to a security guard after thinking it was a lost object. Security then realized it was a strategically placed camera that contained footage of party guests. They then traced the camera back to Hendy.

But why did Hendy do it? Well, his lawyer, named Alexander Goscimski, explained to the Camberwell Green magistrates’ court that, “he was without sexual contact for a year and felt stressed and was not thinking straight.”

Goscimski later added:


“He has been struggling with anxiety and depression and is on medication.”

According to the Mirror, Hendy’s probation officer also shared that Hendy was dealing with mental issues and drug addiction:


 “Prior to this offense he had been in a relationship. When that ended it sent him into a spiral of anxiety.

“He did look around for casual relationships, but did not find that satisfactory and for the past 12 months has been celibate. One way of coping was to self-medicate with drugs, including ketamine and crystal meth.”

“These drugs lower inhibitions quite drastically and there was some use of pornography, and with the drugs, that led him down this route of setting up the camera.”

“He says he now feels quite sick about it and it is something he would never do again, but came about due to his isolation and taking these drugs.”

Now, Hendy has been placed on suspension with ASOS while they await the outcome of the case. That said, Hendy has already pleaded guilty to the charge of voyeurism.

Hendy now has to pay a £85 and a £85 victim surcharge. Plus, Hendy was also given a 12-month community order, which includes 150 hours of community service. On top of that, he’ll also have to be a registered sex offender for five years.

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