Athletes Are Getting A Record Number Of Condoms At The 2018 Winter Olympics

Olympic Athletes will be getting about 37 condoms each when they come to South Korea.


Final preparations are in full force for the oncoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and one of their preparations has just created a new record.

South Korea is handing out the most free condoms ever distributed for the Winter Olympics.

110,000 condoms will be given out to the athletes through baskets in the bathrooms.

'Baskets with condoms will be placed at both men's and women's toilets at athletes' villages in Pyeongchang and Gangneung, the main press center, the media village as well as medical centers, the organizers said.


With 3,000 athletes participating, that means that each athlete could get about 37 condoms each.

The large amount of condoms being distributed is largely because manufacturer Convenience Co donated 100,000 condoms for a “successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus.”


“We don't expect the athletes to use them all,” spokesperson Chung Geun-Sik said.  

That said, people expect some of the condoms to be used.

“Although no one really knows what led to this huge jump in Olympic sexy time, some believe it's due to the emergence of dating apps,” reported.

“The truth is, the facade perpetuating nothing but wholesome happenings in the Olympic Village first began to crumble way back in the 1992 games,” it said. 

Looks like South Korea's got Gus Kenworthy and the American bobsledding team covered.

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