Atlanta Child Physically And Verbally Abused By Family For Being Gay

A disturbing video of a young boy from Atlanta named Tyler went viral this past weekend after it was posted on Instagram. In the reposted video from Gaye Magazine’s Instagram account, the young victim is seen being choked, slapped, shoved, and berated with homophobic slurs. This is not a comfortable video to watch, but it is a reminder that youth are going through this daily.

Tyler’s older brother and sister are allegedly the culprits in the video that are physically and verbally abusing him. You can hear the voice of a female and other spectators in the background yelling at Tyler that he is being treated this way for being a “gay ass b*tch” and for “doing gay sh*t”. The video displays Tyler with an intentionally messed up haircut and the word “Gay” shaved on the side of his head – all in an attempt to embarrass him for being gay.


Perhaps the most disturbing part of the video is witnessing a grown man forcefully grabbing Tyler by the back of the neck in a form of a choke that prevents the young boy from slipping away – while slapping him, shoving him and threatening to “beat his ass” if the behavior that Tyler exhibits continues.

Since the video gained traction, Tyler took to his Instagram in a live video – where spectators of the live video are saying he was forced into doing it to try and clear his siblings names and their wrongdoings. You can hear voices in the background telling him what to say in the video in an attempt to make it seem like Tyler was fine and his siblings were just looking out for his best interest. The attempt to try and make right on their wrongdoings did not work however, since an investigation has been opened up by detectives from the Atlanta Police Special Victims Unit.


The investigation into Tyler’s abuse case has revealed that Tyler and his family were living in an impoverished home that lacked basic toiletries and food. Tyler has been removed from his residence and a court date has been set.

It is incredibly unfortunate that this young boy has to experience this. To think that Tyler probably faces adversity at school where he may feel unsafe and then he is not even safe at home. A sad reality for too many of our LGBTQ+ youth. As this is still an ongoing investigation, Instinct will continue to keep you updated on Tyler’s safety and wellbeing.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta Child Physically And Verbally Abused By Family For Being Gay”

  1. As a black woman I’m ashamed of the way so many in our community treat issues of sexuality. Even ppl who are live and let live about gay white ppl marrying freak out about the possibility of their kids being gay. There’s this notion that being gay isnt acceptable for black men. There are so many young gay black boys like Tyler abused by their families it’s an epidemic.

  2. Where is the arrest? Glad to see child services stepped in. Hopefully there’s a non homophobic or at least non psychopathic relative that can take custody of him. What I want to know is why they didn’t make an arrest? This is clear child abuse.


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