Aubrey O’Day Claims Ivanka Trump is a ‘Lesbian On The Low’: See Tweets

Credit: Aubrey O’Day Instagram

Aubrey O’Day has legit pulled a Jasmine Masters with her very own version of “I have something to say” and quite frankly we are here for it.

The former Danity Kane singer, who was once alleged to be Donald Trump Jr’s mistress, went off about him and his family in a series of now-deleted tweets posted after the most recent Presidential debate on Thursday, October 22. 


Here’s the alleged tea that she spilled about many of them:

She went after Ivanka Trump not once but twice by claiming that she’s actually a lesbian, or as she puts it, “a lesbian on the low”. 

Aubrey also wrote another tweet about Ivanka’s apparent same sex behavior. “We need to stop discussing kids… because Ivanka is a lesbian, yet doesn’t supports women’s rights in the administration that she runs on the low.”


Moving on. Aubrey claims that she has texts from Don Jr. about Donald and Melania‘s son Barron, or as he allegedly refers to him as, a “little s**t a**hole”. 

“They were on his private jet and Barron didn’t like his food so he threw his plate across the plane at the attendant,” she alleged. “None of these people are INNOCENT of being a**holes & liars!”

She wasn’t done just yet! Aubrey also alleged that Don Jr. hates his father and that his brother Eric once f**ked Miss Universe (didn’t refer to which one) on The Apprentice board room while he was married to his wife Lara. Sheesh. 


A tweet that still remains active on her Twitter account as of Monday morning, October 26, alleged that the current POTUS said the following during her time on The Apprentice.

“On Apprentice, Trump used to say DAILY ‘they think I don’t like black people. Arsenio (Hall) tell them, you are one of my blacks’.” The legendary late night talk show host eventually won that season where Aubrey came in third place and Clay Aiken in 2nd.

So, just a wild guess here, but it looks like Aubrey won’t be voting for Trump in the upcoming election. 

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