Austin Gay Bar The Iron Bear Had Its Second Firework Attack In Two Months

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An Austin gay bar is increasing security after a firework was thrown at it… for the second time.


At the end of June, we shared with you that an Austin, Texas bar called the Iron Bear was disturbed one early morning when someone threw a single firecracker at the establishment. Unfortunately, no one saw the culprit’s face and one customer received minor burns.

Now, the bar is sad to say that a repeat offense happened early Thursday morning. The Statesman reports that another firework was thrown as the business around 1 am and surprised the remaining patrons.

“There was a bright green flash followed by a burst of smoke,” said patron Steve Rivas, who called 911 to report the incident.

“I don’t think people were afraid as much as in shock,” Rivas added. “When a firework is thrown, it is loud. When a firework is thrown on a sidewalk full of people at a gay bar, it is scary.”





Like the time before, the firework was thrown from a dark moving car onto the bar’s patio. Unfortunately, the bar’s camera system couldn’t catch the incident due to the angle the car was positioned.

Thankfully, no one was hurt this time.

This second attack comes just before the arrival of Austin Pride when the bar should be celebrating and revving up with excitement and not fear.

Police are currently investigating but without video footage or any witnesses who saw the culprit or car’s license plate, there’s not much they can do at the moment.


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h/t: The Statesman

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