Austin Wolf Films Himself Having Sex with Uber Driver Amid Airplane Incident

Austin Wolf posted a video of him engaging in sexual behavior with an alleged Uber driver on his social media only one week after his scandal with a Delta Airlines flight attendant made headline news.

The clip, shared on his Twitter page, showed the popular gay porn star enjoying a certain “activity” with the driver during EDC (Electric Daisy Festival). Although he did receive much praise from his fans after the video was posted, one did leave a comment that read “At least…no one will kick off from his job, like the Flight Attendant”.

Austin got himself into some hot water after 2 separate clips of him having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant made the rounds on the interwebs last week. It was enough for the airline company to suspend said flight attendant pending further investigation. The young man in question said “I just want to be left alone” in text messages sent to The Daily Mail after word got out about the mile-high scandal.

The 6’4 Falcon Studios exclusive showed face at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards over the weekend amid the airline controversy, where he presented and posed for several photos while there.

14 thoughts on “Austin Wolf Films Himself Having Sex with Uber Driver Amid Airplane Incident”

  1. Austin is a KIND PERSON. He

    Austin is a KIND PERSON. He has a lot of sex. That doesn't make him a criminal, a slut or worthy of all the gay the collective gay internet seems to be throwing at him. If anything, you're all a bunch of jealous idiots who need to grow up.

    P.S. Nobody made that flight attendant go into that bathroom. How many of you would say no if someone as hot as Austin wanted to get frisky in the skies? Take several seats.

  2. It’s Clear that this man’s a

    It’s Clear that this man’s a total slut in every way shape and form. He that beautiful he’s a porn star and a hooker he can cum n go with whomever he likes because he has the body type and endowment. But like someone said before looks fade stupid is forever 

  3. Why would he be bothered by

    Why would he be bothered by any of this? He's a super sweet guy, but every gay man in NYC knows that he's a total horndog. And there's nothing wrong with that!

    • He sounds like a complete

      He sounds like a complete idiot.  He is no different from an animal…and can't keep his dick in his pants.  People like this are the reason STD's are everywhere.  To praise someone for this kind of immature and irresponsible behavior says a lot about you as well.

  4. What I don’t understand is

    What I don't understand is why the people who get filmed — according to them, without their consent — just sue him.

  5. this is what he does for a

    this is what he does for a living right? so what's the big deal it's just publicity for him….good or bad it's working….and as for the other dudes they're adults they know what they were doing no one open their mouth or their ….. and stuck his cock in there……dang y'all it's all a stunt…15 mins are up….smh

      • What a stupid argument.  You

        What a stupid argument.  You are a joke just like this porn star.  Most people have sex because they love one another…they don't go around screwing anything that moves.  Very very immature and very socially irresponsible and a huge reason with STD's are growing at an alarming rate in the United States.  He is no different than a dog in heat.  Couldn't control himself even if he tried.  Being a porn star is NOT a profession.  Let's no glamorize this.  Idiots like this give gay people a bad reputation and many people assume all gay people are like this.  I have news for you…I have class and would never lower myself like that.  Looks fade and he has done nothing with his life.  I'm sure his family is so proud…


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