Austin Wolf’s Internet Ranking Skyrocket Amid Flight Attendant Scandal

Porn star Austin Wolf has something to be very proud of amid the Delta Airlines scandal he’s currently involved in. 


He found out via his Pornhub account manager that he was the number one gay porn star on the highly visited site for the month of October, and number 270 overall. It’s a high ranking for both considering the amount of people in the industry, both active and retired.

One Twitter user made a comment about his surge to the top spot, where they said, “Perhaps something to do about naughty play on a Delta flight”. That may just be the case, given how what happened between him and a flight attendant made not only the rounds on the gay publications but in the mainstream media as well.

For those of you who are unaware about what happened, Austin got a ton of people talking after 2 separate clips of him having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant was circulated on the internet last week.

It was enough for the airline company to suspend said flight attendant pending further investigation. The young man in question said “I just want to be left alone” in text messages sent to The Daily Mail after word got out about the mile-high scandal.

Austin has not gone into hiding, like many others who have to deal with such a fallout but has done exactly the opposite by attending the Str8UpGayPorn Awards in Los Angeles last week and posting a video of him hooking up with an alleged Uber driver.

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