Austin’s Body Count Is Guinness World Records Worthy

Just to be clear, we’re not slut shaming. Porn star and entrepreneur Austin Wolf just gagged us all (no pun intended), when he decided to reveal his body count. Wolf was interviewed by popular social media personality Art Bezrukavenko, where he asked the adult performer how many men has he slept with.

Austin was asked by Art “what’s your body count?” Which lead to Austin having to do some math to figure it out. After starting off by saying “two a day,” the eventual number was “probably in the seven thousand to nine thousand range.” Art’s jaw dropped, I’m sure just like the rest of us. And jaws weren’t dropping because Austin Wolf was standing in front of Art, but because that number will surely gag anyone! Take a look at the video below.

The 39-year-old gay adult star boasts an impressive physique — standing at 6’6” and weighing 260 pounds. He is also the founder of 4My.Fans — a platform for amateur adult content creators. If you’d like to see Austin in action, be sure to check out his Twitter and other x-rated links. Have your Kleenex handy!

Have you ever did the math to figure out your body count? Is Austin Wolf’s seven thousand (plus) a lot?

*All images sourced from Austin Wolf’s Instagram account*

3 thoughts on “Austin’s Body Count Is Guinness World Records Worthy”

  1. I’ll never be able to understand why “sleep with” is used as a reference to sexual activity. The one thing you’re not doing when having sex is sleeping!

    He may have had sex with 7,000 men but I doubt if he slept with any of them!

  2. For some reason even as a famous gay porn star I would have never guessed it was possible to sleep with that many guys lol.

  3. Seven thousand? I can’t imagine having such a lack of connection with 7,000 guys that I would feel the need to keep going. But it kind of makes sense. The only things Austin Wolf truly gives consistent attention to are his own nipples.


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