Australia Introduces $53 Million Plan To End HIV

It seems Australia’s on a role concerning LGBTQ issues.

Just last week, the country officially legalized gay marriage and started the motion for actual weddings to happen first thing next year.

Now, the country is turning its attention to ending HIV.

Bill Shorten, the Federal Opposition and labor Party Leader, has introduced a plan to end HIV in Australia (conveniently, before trying to get his party in office in the next election).

This plan, which will amount to about AU$53 Million (or US$39.8 Million), is multi-faceted and includes steps like expanding PrEP trials to the Northern Territory of the country.

The plan ultimately has the goal of improving prevention, testing, and treatment for all groups in Australia, like those who have HIV but aren’t diagnosed yet and the increasingly at-risk Asian Pacific group.

Shorten just announced and started the plan this past Monday with the help of Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare Catherine King. During that time, he also restored $10 Million (US$7,516,187) to peak HIV national organizations.

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