Australian Basketball Player Isaac Humphries Comes Out As Gay

On November 16, NBL star Isaac Humphries came out as gay in a powerful video message, and after professional football player Josh Cavallo, he is now the second active athlete in one of Australia’s top sporting leagues to open up about his sexuality.


The 24-year-old professional basketball player is also now the first openly gay NBL player in history. Prior to posting the video message on social media, Humphries told his teammates about his sexuality and the “extremely dark times” he had been through.

“I believe it is definitely time to make a change and set an example to the next generation that they can be anything they want while still being true to themselves,” he expressed in the video.


The athlete continued,

“I want to demonstrate that you can be a professional athlete, you can be anything you want, and still be gay.”

And finally Humphries stated,

“It is a truth about myself that I have wanted to deny for a long time, but now I feel comfortable in telling you all. That truth, is that I am gay.”


He mentioned that he had been through difficult times, but he is happy now that he’s out and proud. <3

“I have been through extremely dark times during this journey, but I have been through so much growth and I am now happy with who I am. I figured out a lot about myself during this most recent off-season, and I have thought about this a lot. I knew if I were to join a team and start a season, I knew I would have to reveal who I am and not hide any more,” the NBL star expressed.

Here’s Humphries’ courageous coming out video:


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