Australian Firefighters Are Taking Pics With Animals For Charity

We have another calendar for you all to check out and this one comes from Down Under.


The Australian Firefighters, not the Perth ones, have released their annual calendar again and it’s a sight to behold.

Every year since 1993, a calendar has come out with photos of hot and beefy firefighters.

On top of just generally being hot and an item of thirst trap glory, it’s also been a pinnacle of charity too.

Through the calendar’s proceeds, several charities and organizations have received large sums of donations. Some such organizations are the Sydney Children’s Hospital foundation, Mates4Mates (Supporting Injured Defense Force Mates), Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, and more.


As for this year’s calendar, we are actually fortunate enough to have the option of three different options.

First, you can buy a calendar of the hot firefighters alone. Second, you can buy a calendar with firefighters playing with and holding puppies. Third, you can get a calendar of the hot firefighters hanging out with zoo animals. Or, you can decided to buy a combination of the three.

Interested? You can click hear to order a calendar, or you can just look at some select pics of the men and animals down below.



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