Australian Reality TV Just Got An Adorable Surprise Marriage Proposal

A contestant on The Voice Australia made a big splash by proposing to his boyfriend.

Australia’s iteration of the international singing competition show is just starting its season this year and is currently undergoing the blind auditions section.

For those who aren’t fans of the show, this section is when new contestants sing with the judges turned away and only listening to their voices. Judges can then decide if they want the singer to pass on to the next round. If more than one judge decides to turn their chair, the singer then chooses which judge will act as their singing mentor.

On the latest episode of The Voice Australia, one man named Nathan Brake sang his way into the hearts of three judges. Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland, and Australan-born singer Delta Goodrem all turned their chairs, while fourth judge Boy George decided to pass.

After Brake finished singing the Nick Jonas song “Jealous,” he then asked for his boyfriend of six years, Mitchell, to come to the state.

“I just wanted to bring you out here because we’ve had a beautiful six years together,” Brake said.

“You’ve been a constant support, so I just wanted to ask you, will you marry me.”

And Mitchell replied, “Yes, of course.”



After the proposal had finished, Kelly Rowland made the announcement that, if Brake allows her, she would love to sing “When Love Takes Over” at the wedding.

Despite that promising announcement, Nathan Brake decided to take Goodrem as his judge, but he said he’ll still look into that Rowland song.

This time last year, a big proposal like this couldn’t have happened. Australia officially legalized gay marriage this past December after having a public vote on the issue. Now, couples like Nathan and Mitchell can not only join in marriage, but they can celebrate their union with the country and the rest of the world.

As Brake told 9now, he’s thankful that Australia voted yes and he’s going to use the freedom that the country gave him.

“I’m very grateful to be in a time where I’m able to stand on a stage like that and propose to the person that I love and share it with so many people because that’s something that I never got the chance to see growing up.”

”If I can help one child just watching. One kid, just sitting there, feeling different, feeling like they’re not good enough, to be able to see that moment and go, ‘You know what? I can take control of this and I can make a change or this is okay” then what more could I ask for?’”

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