Australia’s First Married Gay Marriage Just Ended After 48 Days

Australia’s first married gay couple just ended in a heartbreaking way.

Jo Grant from Queensland married Jill Kindt on December 15 in their home’s garden less than a week after Australia legalized marriage equality.

The two had escaped the 30-day waiting period due to “exceptional circumstances” and officially became the first gay couple to marry under the new law. They were then quickly followed by 159 same-sex couples (and counting) wishing to get married.

While the two kept things private, the news of their marriage eventually made its way to parliament’s ears this Wednesday, but that came with the family’s permission.

“Jo and Jill were approved, married, and registered all in one day, after the registrar ruled exceptional circumstances,” Queensland Attorney General Yvette D’Ath told parliament.

“Jo’s mum Sandra believes the marriage renewed Jo’s spirit, keeping her alive long enough to have one last Christmas with her family.”

Unfortunately, that happiness only lasted 48 days as Grant, who had a rare form of cancer, died on January 30.

May she rest in peace.


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