Australia’s Pro Marriage Equality Vote Has Changed The Map Forever

I love me some maps!  Especially when they they show progress.

After the wonderful news of adding a WHOLE CONTINENT to the list of places where same-sex marriage is now legal, we needed to revisit the map of countries where love is love, with the biggest additions in recent years being the United States and Germany.

With the Australian Parliament’s recent passage of legislation legalizing gay marriage, 26 countries now permit gays and lesbians to wed. And if a recent high court ruling in Europe’s Austria takes effect as expected in 2019, that country also will join the ranks of nations allowing same-sex unions. – Pew

New Zealand now has a gay marriage friend down under!

Once Australia got its platypus in a row, it was a quick process from the nonbinding referendum results to the parliament vote on December 3rd, just three weeks later.

The map above will most likely change in 2019 when Austria hopefully will follow a high court ruling from just this week stating that gays and lesbians need to be given full marriage rights by 2019.

Europe – With Austria expanding marriage equality eastward, will Italy and Switzerland feel they need to catch up to the rest of the now 17 nations in Europe that allow same-sex marriage? That's 17 out of the 26 total in the world that allow such unions.

As for Asia … Taiwan’s is not colored in yet.  The nation's highest court ruled in favor of gay unions earlier this year, but the ruling also gave the country’s parliament two years to implement the change. 

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Africa – Only South Africa allows gays and lesbians to wed, which became legal in 2006.

North and South America – There are 6 countries, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, United States, and Uruguay, that have legalized gay marriage (some would say 7 nations since Greenland is part of North America).  We cannot count Mexico since it is only some jurisdictions in Mexico that allow same sex couples to marry.

Who is next?

Would you agree there is a correlation between acceptance of LGBT citizens and the support for Marriage Equality? The most recent results the Pew Center collected (from 2013) are represented on the map above. South Africa seems like the anomaly when looking at how these two maps overlap. Only 32% of South Africans said homosexuality should be accepted, but they still passed marriage equality laws.

Based on the second map, will we see Italy, Greece, and the Philippines praise the phrase "love is love" next? 

Or maybe with mixed results, will we celebrate Venezuela, Bolivia, Poland, and Japan?

The people seem accepting, but the governments of these nations may be a different story.

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  1. Greenland is certainly NOT

    Greenland is certainly NOT part of North America, its a part of Denmark, although its largely autonomous


    • Geographically geographically

      Geographically it is part of North America.  Politically, yes, it is a territory of Denmark, a European Nation. Some also say that Greenland should be considered a continent not only because of its size, but also since it is located on its own tectonic plate.  

  2. South Africa (my home country

    South Africa (my home country) is so screwed lately- google Farm murders or black Monday relating to South Africa. After Nelson Mandela died the reverse of apartheid happened where black people started murdering and slaughtering white people- hence the mass evacuations of white folk in SA. Zuma is very corrupt and sadly because of the history of South Africa (apartheid was disgusting) international news shun South Africa and the corruption etc- am I surprised about it going backwards in evolution? Absolutely not. 


    Please read up and do your own investigation, it’s sad but it’s happening.


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