Author Alice Oseman on the Final Part of ‘Heartstopper’ Novel Series

While the upcoming third season of the hit LGBTQ+ show ‘Heartstopper’ is highly anticipated by the viewers, readers of the graphic novel series are also waiting for volume six, which creator Alice Oseman previously said will be the final one.


On Saturday, the 29-year-old English author shared an update on the conclusion of the beloved queer series by posting a photo of a document on her computer with a text that says, “THE END.” 

“I think I have a first draft of vol 6. (Just the writing, haven’t started the drawing yet),” she revealed on her caption.

Oseman continued sharing,

“I think it’s probably too long [right now] but maybe I can make it work… but mostly feeling pretty good about it. Gonna share with some friends and colleagues and get some opinions, then make some tweaks probably.”


Not to mention, she hopes to begin drawing in June. The following day, the ‘Heartstopper’ creator further noted,

“Heartstopper hasn’t ended. I still have to draw it, which will take me at least 18 months. We’ve got some time before the comics end, lads. I’m very excited to have a complete story mapped out and cannot wait to start drawing.”

Meanwhile, the series’ Season 3 is set to be released on Netflix on October 3.

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