Author Alice Oseman Talks About Heartstopper Volume 6

The queer graphic novel series “Heartstopper” is nearing its end, and author Alice Oseman recently spilled the tea on what’s to come in Volume 6.


In December, Volume 5 was released, and it shows Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, portrayed by Kit Connor and Joe Locke in the hit series, navigating sexual intimacy together for the first time. Another topic that they need to discuss is their future as a couple, as Nick is about to leave for university while Charlie still has a year left in high school.

In an interview with PinkNews, Oseman revealed that there will be a “really big change” in Nick and Charlie’s relationship in Volume 6.

“Volume six will be the end of the Heartstopper story, I think most people know that by now. Nick and Charlie [are] both heading towards the end of their school journey, and Nick is about to leave and go to university. So, the question is: what is their relationship going to be like when they’re not at school together any more? Are they going to be OK?,” she stated.

“Especially if Nick goes off to a university that’s quite far away and they can’t see each other every day, it’s going to be a really big change in their relationship. So, that’s one of the big questions that will be going on in volume six,” Oseman further shared.


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