Author Alice Oseman Talks About Her Hit LGBTQ+ Series ‘Heartstopper’

‘Heartstopper’ author Alice Oseman recently talked all about her hit LGBTQ+ novel series, and she teased the fans about what’s in store for the TV show adaptation’s upcoming season.

The 28-year-old English writer sold more than 6 million copies of the young adult graphic novel worldwide. Not to mention that even the Netflix series, starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor, was a huge success, therefore being renewed for a second and third seasons.


In a recent interview with PinkNews, Oseman teased about what to expect in the upcoming Season 2 of ‘Heartstopper,’ which is currently in production.

“If you’ve read volume three, you’ll know that are certain things coming,” the author teased.

She further expressed,


“I’m really excited for people to see our mental health storyline in Heartstopper. I think it’ll bring something quite different. I’m excited to see what people think.”

“We will be following the story of the comics quite closely, but also expanding on and exploring other characters. Comic stuff is coming. But there’s also so many surprises in store. I can’t wait,” Oseman added.

The ‘Heartstopper’ creator also touched on the topic of diverse representation of queer characters in the novel series, saying that she wanted it 

“to feature a diverse range of queer characters, not just Nick and Charlie, because the series, as well as being a romance, is about queer friendships.”


Moreover, as someone who identifies as asexual, Oseman said that it is “really important” for her to improve asexual representation.

“When it comes to less understood queer identities, such as asexuality, it can be difficult for writers who aren’t those identities to tackle those stories, because they just might not really understand that experience,” she stated.

The author added,

“Hiring writers who share those identities is a good idea. But also not being afraid to give the limelight to those stories that don’t normally get the limelight. I think people often wouldn’t want to make the main character asexual because they might not have a romance storyline, necessarily. And people don’t know how to write stories that don’t have romance.”


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