Author Turns to Crowd Funding Source To Get His Book Published

I love a good novel. One that features gay characters is even better. While there are the romance novels out, there it can seem finding a more sophisticated novel can be harder. But even harder than that, is finding the happy ending gay novel.

It isn't for a lack of trying. But sadly homophobia seems to still be real in the publishing world. That's why, after more than 30 rejection letters, this author turned to crowd funding to make the book happen.

Matt Cain, has written the novel, The Madonna of Bolton. The book tells the story of Charlie Matthews who falls in love with Madonna on his ninth birthday. His obsession, "sees him through some tough times in life: being persecuted at school; fitting in at a posh university; a glamorous career in London; finding boyfriends; getting rid of boyfriends; growing up and family heartbreak." It sounds like a book a lot of us can relate to.

Cain,the editor of Attitude Magazine, has said that publishers keep rejecting the book because it is "too gay." While no publisher will say that outright, he's been told it wouldn't sell, it was "too niche", and that it needed a serious slant. 

The book was written 12 years ago, but kept getting rejected. Cain has published two books with straight protagonists, and was offered book deals for both of them. Cain's attitude changed and he said of the book, "But I really passionately believe in it. Don’t tell me there’s no one out there who wants to read about gay lives.”

Cain turned to Unbound to get the book crowd funded. At the time of this article the book is already fully funded, and will be the fastest funded book on Unbound to date.

Katy Guest, Cain's editor at Unbound, said this goes to show that other publishers were wrong, and there was a market for the book.

While the book is funded, you can still donate and get special editions of the book.

Also, take a look below to see how passionate Cain is about his book.



I know I'm adding this to my reading list when it comes out. 

H/T: The Gaurdian

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