Authorities Are Looking for a Man Who is Urging People to “Bash a Gay Today”

Last week residents from a neighborhood in Sydney were receiving homophobic letters from Jesus blaming LGBTQIA people for the drought and recent hail storm. Now this week another suburb of Sydney is seeing some more hate with the recent appearance of homophobic graffiti. According to two witnesses, Laura Hunter and April Long, encountered an older man spray painting a wall with the words “BASH A GAY TODAY”.

When they approached the man and confronted him for heinous act, he shared with them that he had been robbed by a gay man once. The man covered his face with a hat and simply walked away, but not before being photographed by the witnesses.

Others are also claiming that this phrase is being seen in other areas of Alexandria in Sydney



Authorities are investigating the homophobic graffiti and searching for the man responsible for the hate speech.



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