Avan Jogia Catches the Internet Off Guard After Updating Pronouns

Avan Jogia recently updated their pronouns to he/they, and need not to say, the internet is celebrating and speculating…

In a TikTok video, the 30-year-old Canadian actor ironically used the viral audio:

“I’m a male, I’m a man, I’m a he. I don’t get into that mentally ill stuff.”

They then captioned their post writing,

“Not that he honestly and if I’m being real? I probably get into that mentally ill stuff…”

Some people were rejoicing after the pronouns update:

Meanwhile, others were speculating if it was a coming out video.


Not that he honestly and if im being real? i probably get into that mentally ill stuff…

♬ Lol – Poncy

Prior to the video in question, the ‘Victorious’ star also previously posted a “Smash or Pass” video, wherein they revealed which male and female Marvel characters they would smash.


“To be #victorious one must stare into the eyes of humanity and see oneself.” #marvel #smashorpass

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Despite the pronouns update, we can’t say that Jogia had come out, and it also does not necessarily mean that they are non-binary. Celebrating them for what they are is more than welcome though. <3

Aside from their TikTok videos, the actor portrayed a queer role in the 2019 comedy series ‘Now Apocalypse.’ Here’s Jogia’s character Ulysses Zane thirsting over Ford Halstead, who is played by Beau Mirchoff… 😉

Source: gayety.co

2 thoughts on “Avan Jogia Catches the Internet Off Guard After Updating Pronouns”

  1. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This old trick doesn’t pay a lot of attention to this pronoun stuff. It’s just one more thing to confuse us in an already confusing world. If I offend you because I don’t use the correct ones, I’m sorry, but I’m an old man, and while I admire you for doing this, you’re asking too much of me for something so simple.

    • Actually you’re a lot more generous than I would be. A single person insisting on using plural prounouns is something you admire? I don’t find it admirable; I find it contemptible. Also, what does this misguided meshuggeneh moron mean by “Not that he honestly”? is that even English? Ludicrous!


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