Avan Jogia Thirst Traps His Way to Promote Directorial Debut Film

Avan Jogia’s directorial debut film ‘Door Mouse’ was released on January 13, and he went in to promote his movie with a TikTok video that will have you thirsting, but also giggling at the end.

(c) Instagram: @jogia

The video consists of gym and shirtless clips of the 30-year-old Canadian actor, which is indeed effective in catching anyone’s attention, really. Towards the end though, Jogia (with a shirt on) appears and says:


“Was that good enough for you? Did we do it? The thirst trap. Okay, now go watch ‘Door Mouse,’ the movie I directed, and I wrote it.”

“So go see it,” he adds, followed by a little laugh.

The ‘Now Apocalypse’ actor continues,

“You can pre-order it on iTunes. You don’t even have to leave your house, or you could go to the many cinemas that are playing it.”


Jogia then concludes the video saying,

“This is what we have to do now.”

On the caption, he also wrote:

“Trying to convince the algorithm that what I make has value. Go pre order Door Mouse.”


Here’s the thirst trap promo video for your viewing pleasure 😉


Trying to convince the algorithm that what I make has value. Go pre order Door Mouse.

♬ BOOM – Tiesto

As per Movie Web, ‘Door Mouse’s plot reads:


“It is really hard to make a living as a comic book creator. Mama (Famke Janssen), who works in a burlesque club in order to survive, asks a colleague of hers in the comic book business named Mouse (Hayley Law) for help. She wants to find the truth behind the disappearances of some young women from her job. Mouse and her sidekick Ugly (Keith Powers) find themselves trapped in a mystery filled with sex, drugs, and perversion.”

Source: movieweb.com

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